Peter & The Wolf - JP3035 Bundle

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The bundle includes the large 20" plate, newly updated packet with photos and instructions and FREE US Shipping. 

The original Peter & The Wolf design was done on a desk box but it was adapted for the front and back of this stunning, large 20" plate.   The original packet and instructions have been updated to include the plate and borders.

This is a painting of a story and musical narrative by Sergei Prokofiev. Written April 1936, the story is an introduction to the orchestra for children, but continues to delight all of us.

Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium
Polyurethane Satin Varnish

Indian Red Oxide
Red Violet
Napthol Crimson
Gold Oxide
Jaune Brilliant
Naples Yellow Hue
Raw Sienna
Yellow Deep
Yellow Oxide
Brilliant Green
Olive Green
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Umber or Raw Umber
Carbon Black
Provincial Beige
Titanium White or Unbleached Titanium
Black Umber

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4 round & #2, #4, #6 Filbert - Basic painting.
#2 Liner - Fine details.
Old #6 & #8 Filbert - Tree foliage, distant hills, etc.
Old ¾" - 1" Oval Glaze or Flat - Sky.
1" Flat - Applying Retarder Medium.
1" Mop, Bristle Blender, or Stippler - If you want to blend out sky or mountains.