Flowers of Telemark - JP3382 Bundle

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This traditional porringer is from Jo Sonja's personal collection.  She had painted it years ago but now we have finally been able to have it made.  This is another handcrafted heirloom piece, expertly turned and coopered from poplar.   

The porringer stands 12" tall and is 8" in diameter.  The design has never been published and is only available as a bundle at this time. 

If you are considering this piece, we expect to sell out fairly quickly and won't be able to have it in again until sometime next year 



Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Flow Medium, optional

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Naples Yellow Hue
Burnt Sienna
Carbon Black or Black Umber

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
B1350/1352/4010 #3 round, B1385/1387 #2, 4, 6 filbert or flat (B1370) - Basic painting
B1360 #2 and 18/0 short liner - Fine details
B1310 #2 Striper - Stripes
¾”-1" mop – (series B1317, 1315 or 1318) – Blending out Retarder.
½"-¾” old flat or oval wash - Applying Retarder, glazes