Clapham's Beeswax - Museum Quality Polish

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This is the finishing wax that Jo Sonja has used for over 30 years.  All of her competition pieces were always finished with this as the final topcoat. 

This is a fine museum-quality polish based on an old family recipe from England. It is made from beeswax with a little carnauba wax and deodorized mineral spirit solvent.

Clapham uses deodorized mineral spirit solvent because it contains no aromatic hydrocarbons. It is easy to use and gives a delightful shine on paintings, wood, stone and marble.

Apply a little with a cotton cloth. The secret is to use the polish sparingly -apply it very thinly over the surface. Wait for about 5 minutes, and buff lightly with a pad of cotton cloth to bring out the shine. An old bed sheet works best. If the wood is dry, try a second application. -Or if it is really dry, try a third one. -Then as Roger’s Mum emphasizes, SIT BACK AND RELAX. Re-apply from time to time with use.

Note: Applying the polish to bare wood: Woodworkers often ask us whether the polish can be applied directly to the bare wood. Yes! And you will get a gorgeous soft beeswax shine, which will become part of the patina as the years go by.