Christmas Eve Travelers Shelf Sitter - JS026S

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Santa and his helpers have far to travel this wonderful night, and, much to do!  Don't we all love elves!  Wearing green jackets (to blend into the bushes), red hats (in case they fall into the snowdrift) they have begged Santa for a short ride as he starts his journey.

This set includes the unpainted shelf sitter, including a base, color photos and instructions - patterns are etched on the surface for ease and to add dimension to the painting.  

This shelf sitter is done out of mdf and laser cut with intricate detail.  The patterns are lightly etched on the surface for ease of painting.  If you prefer to not use the etching, it can be painted over with Gesso or Texture paste and then the pattern can be applied - as you prefer.

This design originally appeared in our our book Painting for Christmas.  If you have this book already then you have the instruction for painting this design and can just purchase the unpainted shelf sitter.

Unpainted Shelf Sitter: 
The shelf sitter is approximately 8.5" tall.  The included base is about 9" in length by about 2" wide.

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Clear Glaze Medium
Texture Paste (optional)

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
Brilliant Green
Burnt Umber
Carbon Black
Gold Oxide
Napthol Crimson
Napthol Red Light
Prussian Blue Hue
Raw Sienna
Rose Pink
Storm Blue
Smoked Pearl
Teal Green
Trans Magenta
Yellow Light
Warm White
Yellow Oxide

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#2-3 rounds, #2,4,6 filbert - Basic painting.
#1-2 short liner - Fine details.
3/8” Oval Wash - Use to base larger areas, glazes or apply Retarder Medium.
3/4” mop - Brush out Retarder or glaze
1/2” Oval Wash - Wonderful to varnish cut-outs