Chinoiserie - JP3162

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Reacting to the interest and demand for goods from the orient, (1700’s, 1800’s), artists developed their stylized version of decoration evolved from the oriental imports. Of great beauty and detail, the designs were usually painted on special furniture pieces with unique cabinetry details. Today, of course, the pieces and painting are simpler, due to production costs. However, there is still a market for Chinoiserie and we are seeing a renewed interest in the style.

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Flow Medium
Retarder Medium

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Purple Madder
Raw Sienna
Rich Gold
Pale Gold
Gold Iridescent
Carbon Black (for glazing)

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3 round – Basic painting
#2 short liner – Fine details.
#0 Kolinsky liner (1330 series) – Very fine details.
#2 striper – Stripes.