Chinoiserie in Blue - JP3413

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When you think of all of the years of decorative design, the blue and white designs seem to dominate. They have been so favored. From painted tiles to printed fabric. From oriental splendor to beautifully flowing rococo scrolls. Here then is a continuing tradition of blue and white Chinoiserie combined With a gentle small crackle pattern to grace your décor with unique charm.

Bundle options includes two separate plates, and you may select either or both.  Included with the wood is the printed packet.  The smaller plate measures 14" in diameter, and the larger plate measures 18" in diameter.

Deluxe Bundle Special:  Purchase the Deluxe bundle and get both large and small plates, print packet mailed,  AND the free online class - Chippendale Florals.

Jo Sonja's Artist Mediums
Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Retarder Medium
Crackle Medium

Jo Sonja’s Matte Flow Acrylics
Blue Chinoiserie:
Paynes Grey - Grey
Blue Violet - B
Unbleached Titanium - Toned W
Titanium White - W
Yellow Oxide - Y
Red Violet - RV

Floral Paintings:
Dioxazine Purple - Dark V
Brilliant Violet - V
Red Violet or Purple Madder - RV
Amethyst - Med RV
Napthol Crimson - R
Orange - O
Yellow Orange - YO
Yellow Light - Y
Yellow Green - YG
Brilliant Green - G
Olive/Hookers Green - Dark G
Aqua - BG
Pacific Blue - B
Ultramarine - Dark B
Titanium White - W
Gold Oxide - Toned O
Carbon Black - BK

Optional Colors:
Jaune Brilliant - O Tint
Naples Yellow Hue - Y Tint

Background Colors:
Harbor Blue
Soft White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round, #6 filbert or flat - Basic painting
#2 liner - Fine details
3/4" - 1" flat, filbert, or oval glaze - Applying retarder medium
3/8" flat, filbert, or oval glaze - Applying antiquing color