Cherries Jubilee Tray - JP3351 Bundle

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This cut corner tray has been one of Jo Sonja's favorite pieces for decades.  Originally made from steel and tin but we have had this tray beautifully reproduced in alder and baltic birch.  All of the moldings are solid alder and the floor of the tray is birch ply.  You can see in the photos that it is expertly mitered and constructed.  The tray is wonderfully lightweight at just 10 ounces and yet is a full 17" long by 11" wide.  The exact dimensions of the original tin.

Here the cherry is used in a very traditionally inspired interpretation combining Country Tin painting techniques and design style.  Elements of this design style combined with today’s beautiful colors yield a look that is truly refreshing.  We hope you’ll enjoy painting this idea and finding many ways to introduce the concept to other pieces.  Includes designs for both trays.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice or water

Red Violet – RV
Napthol Red Light or Napthol Crimson – R
Orange or Vermilion – O
Yellow Orange – YO
Vines – G
Raindrop – BG
Carbon Black – BK
Unbleached Titanium – W
Jaune Brilliant (for filigree designs) or O + W + touch of YO
Naples Yellow Hue or W + touch of YO – Y tint
Tiger Lily, a background color or O + touch of YO and W
Note: To make the colors semi-transparent or transparent, just mix a little water or painting medium with the desired colors. Proportions will vary, depending on the pigment you are using.

#3-4 round – Basic painting
#2 liner – Fine details, stripes
¾”-1” old filbert, flat, or possibility brush – Dry brushing