Cherries Jubilee - JP3227

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Delicious! Colorful!  It is a fruit to celebrate about.  Here we will use the cherry in a very traditionally inspired interpretation combining Country Tin painting techniques and design style.  Elements of this design style combined with today’s beautiful colors yield a look that is truly refreshing.  We hope you’ll enjoy painting this idea and finding many ways to introduce the concept to other pieces.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice or water

Red Violet – RV
Napthol Red Light or Napthol Crimson – R
Orange or Vermilion – O
Yellow Orange – YO
Vines – G
Raindrop – BG
Carbon Black – BK
Unbleached Titanium – W
Jaune Brilliant (for filigree designs) or O + W + touch of YO
Naples Yellow Hue or W + touch of YO – Y tint
Tiger Lily, a background color or O + touch of YO and W
Note: To make the colors semi-transparent or transparent, just mix a little water or painting medium with the desired colors. Proportions will vary, depending on the pigment you are using.

#3-4 round – Basic painting
#2 liner – Fine details, stripes
¾”-1” old filbert, flat, or possibility brush – Dry brushing