Chanterelles & Copper - JP3216

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I'm often asked what inspires me. Many things actually, but this was a wonderful creative moment this last Fall, inspired by the “gatherings” of Dr. Louise Minor and her husband, Dr. Robert Fischer. When I went for my biannual eye exam, Dr. Minor gave me a sack of chanterelles. Their colors and shapes were totally fascinating and the old copper pot just seemed to compliment them on the larger plate.

Complete Supply List:

Fruitwood Gel Stain
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium
Satin Varnish

Red Violet
Napthol Crimson
Yellow Deep
Brilliant Green
Ultramarine Blue
Titanium White
Carbon Black
Burnt or Raw Umber
Brilliant Violet
Gold Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Burnt Umber
Diox. Purple

Note: You can mix a medium value toned orange and yellow from your palette if you prefer.

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4 round or #6 filbert - Basic painting.
#2 liner - Fine details, stripes, lettering.
Large Flat - Applying Retarder Medium
3/8" Oval Glaze or Filbert - Applying glaze color
1" Possibility Brush or blender - Blending out glaze color