Bless The Cook - JP3020

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Same theme, two different versions. Just a fun example of where an idea can lead you. One more blended and slightly realistic, while the other is pure whimsey. Shaker boxes are perfect kitchen boxes. This one is about 9" in diameter and 31/2" tall. This idea would also adapt to a cutting board or a plate with the "pots and pans" around the edge of the plate.

Favorite medium or Magic Mix
Retarder or Gel Retarder

Dioxazine Purple Red Violet Red Earth Napthol Crimson
Vermilion Ultramarine Blue
Titanium White
Carbon Black
Brilliant Violet*
Gold Oxide
Yellow Deep
Yellow Oxide
Olive Green *Brilliant Violet is Diox Purple + White.
*Amethyst is Red Violet + White.
You can just brush mix these colors if you desire.