Atelier Free Flow - Diox Purple

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Atelier Free Flow is a wonderfully fluid artists’ acrylic that has amazing coverage, spreadability and simply “flies off the brush.” With intense pigment load, vivid color intensity and drying to a velvet, matte finish, it is ideal for all applications requiring a smooth and/or fluid paint such as acrylic pouring, mixed media and airbrush. It can be used as a substitute for gouache, watercolor or ink.

Atelier Free Flow utilizes the latest advances in pigment and polymer technology. It can be used straight from the bottle or diluted with water for greater transparency. It dries to a rich matte finish with a velvet sheen that seems to glow from the inside. Because Atelier Free Flow dries so quickly, overpainting can proceed very rapidly, and layers don’t get muddy. It can be used as a standalone, matte acrylic paint or incorporated with a heavier bodied acrylic such as Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylics. This combination of consistencies will add more contrast and texture to your work.

Regardless of your application or technique, you’ll find Atelier Free Flow just glides from the brush. It requires very little dilution to reach your preferred consistency. For an artist, this ensures brilliant pigment strength is retained, painting light over dark colors is far easier and the integrity of the paint itself remains strong and durable.  An exciting substitute for ink, watercolor, or gouache, it’s perfect for washes and glazes, mixed media pieces, art journaling, airbrush, illustration, gestural painting, quick studies, and much more.