Appenzell Cowherd - JP3300

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From the beautiful traditions of paintings done by herdsman comes the inspiration for these paintings and studies done in the Alpine or Swiss fashion.  By request I've included the use of the beautiful edelweiss flower although and interestingly enough I could not find them on the old pieces.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Clear Glaze Medium

Gold Oxide
Napthol Red Light
Red Earth
Purple Madder or Red Violet
Yellow Light
Yellow Oxide
Yellow Green
Brilliant Green
Raw Sienna
Pthalo Green
Diox Purple (optional)
Brown Earth
Raw Umber
Carbon Black
Oakmoss (optional)
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White
Rich Gold
Pale Gold
Flesh mix - Unbleached Titanium + touch of Gold Oxide
Highlight flesh - Titanium White + touch of Orange and yellow

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round, #2, 4, 6 flat or filbert - Basic painting
#1-2 short liner - Fine details
3/8" - 1/2" Oval Wash - Sky, ground, large tree, etc.
1/2" old brush - Applying Retarder Medium
3/4" -1" mop - Blending out Retarder
1/4" Possibilities - Stippling tree (optional)