Angel Song Quilt DVD Packet - JD107

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Angel Song is a painted Fraktur-style quilt. Frakturs are hand painted awards, certificates, (marriage, birth, baptismal) or house blessings that combine stylized fruits, flowers, people, etc. and an old German style of lettering. They are a charming naïve celebration of life that never ceases to speak to my heart.


Complete Supply List:

Textile Medium – I thinned the Textile Medium with water, about 1 part Textile Medium to 1 part water. If it worries you a little, use 2 parts Textile Medium to 1 part water. Remember that the quilt you are viewing has been washed 2 times and has been painted with permanent artist’s pigments, not craft pigments

Purple Madder
Napthol Red Light
Orange (optional)
Yellow Oxide
Vines or Green Oxide
Blue Violet
Carbon Black
Brown Madder
Titanium White (optional)

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4,6,8,10 oval dry brush: Basic painting.
#2 short liner: Fine details and lines.
An Itoya or Pigma pen may be used instead of a liner. Be sure you have permanent black ink, medium tip.