Angel Chorus - JP3004

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A soft folk art rendition of an angelic chorus singing on high. Inspired by two of Jo Sonja’s close painting friends from Australia and photographs of church and retreat areas of Western Australia. This heavenly version has been painted on an oval shaker box.

Supply List:

Retarder Medium
Gel Retarder
A basic stroke medium (Clear Glaze Medium)

Diox Purple = V
Brilliant Violet or V + W = V tint
Napthol Crimson = R Vermillon = O
Gold Oxide or O + touch V = toned O.
Yellow Oxide or y + touch of V = toned y.
Yellow Deep = y
Ultramarine Blue = B
Titanium White = W
Unbleached Titanium = toned W
Rich Gold

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
1" oval glaze, filbert or flat: Applying Gel Retarder.
½" - ¾" oval glaze, filbert, or flat: Back-grounding technique, sky and clouds.
#3-4 round or #6 filbert: Base painting.
#2 striper: Stripes
#3 round: Lettering
#2 liner: Delicate border detail.
1" mop or bristle blender: Softening out clouds and sky colors.