All Purpose Sealer

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Jo Sonja® All Purpose Sealer is a pure acrylic medium with remarkable adhesive powers.  It is a durable and versatile surface sealer that can be used to seal most surfaces in preparation for painting.  Included are wood, tin & other metals, glass, unglazed bisque, terracotta, cards, paper and fiberboard.  Mix with color for a one step basecoat.  All Purpose Sealer will assist paint adhesion to unusual surfaces such as soaps and candles.  A light sanding is recommended to promote adhesion of paint to any surface.

• Apply full strength to clean, dry, sanded wood or dilute 1:1 with Clear Glaze Medium or Flow Medium.  (Undiluted All Purpose Sealer may create a surface too slick to paint on some surfaces.)  When dry, sand as needed before painting.

• In preparation for staining a surface, do not use All Purpose Sealer, which leaves the wood with an almost impenetrable seal.  A coat of Clear Glaze Medium is recommended for surfaces to be stained.

• For one step basecoat, mix and apply paint and All Purpose Sealer beginning with approximate proportions of 2 parts color to 1 part All Purpose Sealer.  The amount of All Purpose Sealer may be increased up to equal parts. Sand when dry and apply a second coat of paint with or without the addition of sealer, depending on your technique.  Do not use All Purpose Sealer in topcoat of base color when using regular Crackle Medium to crackle background color.

Metal Preparation:
All Purpose Sealer does not inhibit rust.  Metal or tin should be clean, rust free and well sanded. Matte finished water based metal primers may be applied prior to All Purpose Sealer to prevent rust and promote better adhesion.  A slick metal surface needs to be scuffed with fine grit sandpaper or scouring cleanser before applying sealer.  Apply two coats of undiluted All Purpose Sealer.

Prepare following instructions above for one step basecoat.  The addition of sealer increases the adhesion of the paint to the surface.  The more time the basecoat is allowed to ‘cure’, the stronger the adhesion of the paint to the surface.

Maximum adhesion develops slowly under normal conditions.  For metal prep, a minimum of 2 weeks cure time is necessary for maximum adhesion and varies depending on climate and humidity.  Under normal conditions, the product is cured 80% in 24 hours and 100% cured in two weeks.

Approximate Coverage: 1 ml = 188 sq cm / 1 oz = 6 sq ft

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