Adam & Eve Plate - JP2004

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Adam & Eve have always been a popular folk art theme. This version of the biblical story is done Hallingdal style and relates the story from creation to temptation and finally the expulsion from the Garden of Eden by the angel with the burning sword.

Complete Supply List:

All Purpose Sealer
Clear Glaze Medium
Kleister Medium
Tannin Blocking Sealer
Texture Paste
Gloss Varnish
Matte Varnish

Indian Red oxide
Red Earth
Norwegian Orange
Raw Sienna
Yellow Oxide
Storm Blue
Teal Green
Carbon Black
Smoked Pearl
Warm White (optional)
Rich Gold
Pale Gold
Burnished Copper

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round - basic painting brush.
#2 liner - fine details and outlining.
1” flat to apply Retarder.
1” mop - to soften edges of glaze.
3/4” filbert or #10—12 filbert - apply glazes.
#4 and #8 filbert or flat - may be substituted for basic painting, if preferred.