#42 - Fall 2000 - JA52

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Theme: Lettering

Articles include: Color Schemes and Personal Color Choices by Londi L. Rowley, Tips and Techniques by Carolyn L. Phillips, Lettering Tips by Debbie Slavin,

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Rhoda Fritsch VGM, Ellen Stamilio CDA, Roxanne Jarvis, Paula Lawton, Cynthia Bowman CDA, Brigette Depraz, Cathy Schmidt, Leslie Reading.

Summer Splendor
By Roxanne Jarvis
Roxanne Jarvis creates a stunning display with this painted window screen.

Strawberries & Stoneware
By Ellen Stamilio CDA
Strawberries, booms and leaves fill this blue and white stoneware pot painted on a heart shaped box by Ellen Stamilio CDA.

Quarter Board
By Paula Lawton
A patriotic eagle and ribbons decorate this quarter board designed and painted by Paula Lawton to display the new quarters.

Lettering Sampler
By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM
Jo Sonja Jansen, MDA, VGM turns an old coffeepot into a sampler for this issue.

Yours Truly
By Cynthia Bowman CDA
Cynthia Bowman CDA combines dragonflies and flowers with flowing stroke letters on a variety of accessories - includes patterns for the full alphabet in this beautiful style.