#40 - Spring 2000 - JA50

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Theme: The Artist and Art of Peter Hunt

Articles include: Peter Hunt by Lynn Van Dine, Color Theory - Intensity by Londi Rowley CDA. The Hunt for Hunt by Carol Shipley. How Paint and Varnish Layers Work Together by Carolyn L. Phillips.

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Heidi England, Lia Anderson, Lina Hoffmann, Judy Morgan CDA, Sherry Foster, Vicki Allwardt CDA, Marianne Daily, Sherry Lynn Bell CDA, Carolyn L. Phillips. 

Stone Soup By Heidi England

In the French version, three soldiers come to a little village. They are tired and hungry. The peasant villagers are skeptic and afraid. They pretend to have no food or lodging. The soldiers decide to look for a large pot and proceed to fix "stone soup" in the middle of the town square. Heidi England has recreated this delightful tale in a style that reminds us of Peter Hunt but is also uniquely Heidi.

Peter Hunt Blithe Spirit and Artist By Designs By Lynn Van Dine

Cape Cod decorative artist Peter Hunt often summed up his artistic philosophy - and his approach to life - in two words: "Have Fun!" During his reign as the premier peasant-style artist and decorator from the early 1930's until his death in 1967, Hunt practiced what he preached. Learn more about this widely collected artist in these entertaining articles by Lynn Van Dine.

Peasant Picnic Basket By Judy Morgan CDA

What's old is new again! If you open any current home decorating magazine there is hand painting on display, be it on walls, furniture or cabinets, it's the hot look. Here Judy Morgan transforms a plain picnic basket into a peasant feast suitable for any table.

Spring Lilacs By Lina Hoffmann

Don't you just love the smell of lilacs in May? Lina has painted these flowers in a loose style rather than a meticulous rendering and the results are absolutely gorgeous. Bold uses of color and soft oil techniques are combined for dazzling results.

The Wismut Style of Germany By Lia Anderson

From the 15th through the 18th century, the Wismut style of painting was very popular in Germany. Wismut is a metal, and was mined in the mountains of Germany. To imitate silver chests of the very wealthy, the wood surface was prepped with chalk and covered with ground Wismut powder. You can achieve a similar look using silver paint as shown here by Lia Anderson.