#39 - Winter 1999 - JA49

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Theme: The Christmas Tree

Articles include: Selecting and Mixing Related Colors by Londi Rowley CDA. Evergreen - Christmas Tree Traditions

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Marian Bestor, Sharon Buononato CDA, Bob Pennycook, Sarah Freeman CDA, Juanita Denton CDA, Sayumi Oka CDA, Judy Miller, Jowanna Gosselin, Londi L. Rowley CDA. 

O' Tannenbaum By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Rosemaling? Yes. Could there be a more lovely way to paint Christmas Roses? Enjoy their rich color as they softly frame this interpretation in honor or that special moment.

Come Let Us Adore Him By Juanita Denton

The true spirit of the season is honored in this beautiful nativity scene painted on a traditional tryptych. Birds and butterflies join in the celebration.

Piney Creek By Sharon Buononato CDA

Sharon designed this project to celebrate the Winter season and add some tranquility to our busy lives. You will enjoy painting this winter landscape using Sharon's fun techniques.

Poinsettia Box By Bob Pennycook

The poinsettia represents the magic of Christmas. Based on a Mexican legend, a child had no gift, other than prayers, to offer the Christ Child. The sincerity of his prayers, his desire to share, were enough to cause a plant of red and green to bloom at his feet, creating the flower of Christmas. This beautiful box contains many such personal symbols of Christmas.

Silver Bells By Judy Miller

Striking wild roses, ornaments and silver bells combine to add sparkle on this delightful holiday wreath. Wet in wet layered techniques are featured in this beautiful project by Judy Miller.