#37 - Summer 1999 - JA47

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Theme: Nautical

Articles include: Guiding Lights - Lighthouses, Introduction to Color Theory By Londi L. Rowley

Artists include: Shirley Wilson, Nancy Baur, Jo Sonja Jansen, MDA VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Sherry Foster, Gayle Oram MDA, Laure Paillex, Sherry Lynn Bell CDA, Cathy Chambers, Londi L. Rowley CDA, Diane Schroeder. 


By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM The sailor's head is Jo Sonja's version of the motif found on an old cigarette package that was copied by some narrow boat painters. Using some of the new colors from Chroma, this canal boat painting takes in greater contrasts and more life.


By Shirley Wilson This painting combines the lure of the sea, our lifelong attraction to bakeries and the mystery of quaint old signboards. The proprietor of the establishment would surely have tales to weave, perhaps over a mug of steaming grog and some hot crossed buns.


By Sherry Foster Lighhouses are currently a very popular decorating theme. This article takes an interesting look at these "Beacons of Light".


By Gayle Oram MDA The inspiration for this monochromatic style of shell rococo came from some old German etchings. Gayles painting conveys the mystery you might feel traveling the mountains up through a misty fog, looking out over a Norwegian fjords into a gorgeous valley.


By Diane Schroeder Multiple borders with extra embellishments such as scrolls, bands and ribbons adorn this elegant painted tin. Although it looks difficult, it is not. There is simply a lot of detail to attend to and it is sure to please when you are finished.