#34 - Fall 1998 - JA44

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Theme: Apples

Articles include: Red & Green, Color Compliments - Red & Green, Drawing Apples, Slovak Motifs.

Artists include: Jan O'Quinn MDA, Vicki Allwardt CDA, Mary Jane Todd CDA, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Carolyn Phillips, Dawn Cornell CDA, Sherry Foster, Becky Akerblom, Marilyn Brown. 

The Apple Gatherer By Jan O'Quinn MDA

The Apple Gatherer is a cornhusk doll underneath a sweet bower of apples and blossoms. Perhaps her sweet smile is due to the full basket of apples she's collected upon her arm. Note how beautifully the faded Indigo cornhusk apron--it's color and texture-- is once again reflected in faded wooden trompe l'oeil frame.

Apple Tree Lamp By Mary Jane Todd CDA

Clusters of apples, berries and Americana landscape lampshade. Plump, juicy red berries and golden apples provide the base for a delightful Americana landscape lampshade. Above a red apple Tree of Life shelters the rows of tiny houses that march around the shade.

California Gold By Carolyn L. Phillips

These beautifully glazed apples painted on a similiar shaped cutting board were appropriately named "California Gold" for the piece is diffused with an amazing amber glow that one only sees during autumn when the light is just right. The leaves are soft; the apples and the light seem to glow with a richness we can only associate with harvest.

Apple Basket By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Stylized stroke apples in a basket on a traditional metal tray with a faux finish border. It's a striking example of simple but effective strokework and color complimented by an all-over glaze technique.

Life is a Sunny Bowl of Lemons By Vicki Allwardt CDA

Very light, cheerful, impressionistic style lemons decorate a plate & bowl with a simple leaf border. "Somehow a kitchen with ready access to lemons reminds me of great luxury, and this lemon bowl developed from that inspiration." Sunny bright yellows and amethyst blend with a touch of aqua that brings the sunlight indoors.