#33 - Summer 1998 - JA43

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Theme: Patriotic

Articles include: Symbol of Freedom: The Eagle Motif, Colonial Tavern Signs, Brushes: Selection, Use & Care, Erasing the Lines- Drawing Eagles, Using Red White & Blue.

Artists include: Ronnie Bringle, Cynthia Bowman CDA, Jo Sonja Jansen, MDA VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Sherry Foster, Judy Morgan CDA, Pat Nelson, Karl Heinz Meschbach. 

Ocean Swell Plate By Judy Morgan CDA

Youthful sailor inspired by Cigar & Tobacco label art. The youthful sailor with such a softly muted blush was inspired by Cigar & Tobacco label art. He's the focal point or portrait, becoming the main design motif on a scalloped oval plate, with a patriotic eagle and star border to finish the overall charming effect.

Freedom Sings By Ronnie Bringle

Whimsical little Blue Bird topped with patriotic Stars & Stripes. A crackled red frames this whimsical little Blue Bird topped with patriotic Stars & Stripes. The same red is reflected again in his sporty waistcoast and tie. Ronnie has given a modern adaptation with her use of stars and stripes; design motifs that were popular when our nation was young.

Two Ants Short of a Picnic By Vicki Rhodes CDA

Patriotic picnic basket or pie carrier. Yes, it's a patriotic picnic basket or pie carrier but with a decidedly modern twist because Uncle Sam has never been quite so colorful. He's absolutely brilliant in shades of Magenta and purples and electric green.

Stars & Stripes Forever By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Uncle Sam tavern board. Red, white and blue with a touch a sunny gold makes this a welcoming, patriotic tavern board that's sure to delight. It's amazing that tavern signs began their humble origin long ago to draw in customers who might not be able to read, but could surely tell by the picture what sort of establishment it might be. What would this sign convey? That this was a warm heart, creative soul or a wonderful home.

A Stitch in Time By Cynthia Bowman CDA

Trompe L'Oeil hooks and croched doilies create a clever box to store needlework. It's so life-like, we had to touch it to tell the difference. "Using our hands to create beautiful things for our homes and loved ones is a tradition in my family," Cynthia wrote. "I use my paints and brushes to do the same."