#32 - Spring 1998 - JA42

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Theme: Whimsey

Articles include: Stylized Shapes From Old Samplers, Pursuit of Clocks & Horses & the Family Tree, Possibilities of a Limited Palette.

Artists include: Terrie L. Cordray, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Sherry Foster, Bobbie Takashima, Yvonne Thomson, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Carolyn Phillips, Diane Bunker, Diane Johnson 

One Sunny Summer Day By Bobbie Takashima

Whimsical floral frog tray with drybrush, stencilling & glazing techniques. A whimsical floral and frog tray with drybrush, stencilling and glazing techniques, "One Sunny Summer Day is a story I made up about the goings on in the garden." And what a magical garden filled with special delights. Meet Mr. Toad with his floral umbrella sharing a noonday repast with a little nymph-like fairy.

Gifts of Spring By Terrie L. Cordray CDA

Beautiful springtime cabinet depicting Easter egg trees, bunny gatherers and their baskets of eggs. The inspiration for this cabinet is best captured in the following, "Spring is a time for giving and what better gift than that of renewed life.." Cobalt Blue skies with insets of sunny, golden hues, spring has truly been blessed by sweet touches of lilac and magnolia; little fairy helpers and butterflies abound.

Sampler Village By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Taking inspiration from old samplers, a stylized village scene on a plate and 2 boxes. Taking inspiration from old embroidered samplers, this stylized village scene painted in beautiful, fun color is highly reminiscent of the colors of embroidery silks. The lid is decorated with a whimsical rabbit & moon motif based on oriental folklore about a rabbit who lives in the moon.

Bunny in the Ivy By Sherry L. Foster

Glazed value study has a lovely central bunny motif surrounded by an ivy border on a divided box. Through the use of transparent washes, Sherry's glazed value study is a fun way for beginning artists to acquire a valuable technique. The lovely central bunny motif is surrounded by a lush ivy border, creating his own secret garden. Wouldn't we all love to have such a place?

Italian Vases By Yvonne Thompson

Italian stroke fruit on pottery using Glass & Tile Medium. Italian stroke fruit on pottery using Glass & Tile Medium. "If you have seen the Italian pottery in the store you will know how expensive it can be to buy. I wanted to give this piece the flavor and feel of Italy."