3 Wise Men - JP1063 Bundle

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The bundle includes the 14" beaded rim basswood plate, photos, patterns and instructions. 

A 14” plate that reflects a folk artist’s love of design and unique sense of humor. How about a flying carpet powered camel sleigh? This design shows our desire to honor the birth of the Christ Child.

Complete Supply List:

Jo Sonja's Artist's Mediums
Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Clear Glaze Medium

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
Dk. R. = Indian Red Oxide
Med. R. = Red Earth
O. = Gold Oxide
Dk. V. = Dk. B. + Dk. R. *
Med. V. = Amethyst
Dk. Y. = Raw Sienna
Med. Y. = Yellow Oxide
Lt. Y. = Turners Yellow
Dk. B. = Prussian Blue Hue
Med. B. = Sapphire
Lt. B. = Aqua
Flesh = Gold Oxide
Lt. Flesh = Gold Oxide + Warm White *
Dk. W. = Nimbus Grey
Med. W. = Smoked Pearl
W. = Warm White
Br. = Brown Earth
Tinting Color:
Dk. R. = Burgundy
Y. = Yellow Glaze Medium
B. = Blue Glaze Medium
Dk. V. = Blue Glaze Medium + Burgundy
*Brush mix so values vary.  When you layout your palette, place tinting colors in one corner so you can refer to them easier.