#28 - Spring 1997 - JA38

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Theme: Kitchens

Articles include: Moravian Motifs, Crackling Techniques, Sketching Basic Shapes.

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Roxanne Puchalski MDA, David Jansen MDA, Debbie Tivens, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Lu Ann Ginnetti, Sherry Foster, Marian Bestor, Marilyn Brown.

Hydrangeas By LuAnn Ginnetti

Hydrangeas are blooming; it must be springtime. Rosy pinks, peaches and violet hues make a floral fantasy. The lazy susan was cleverly designed to look like a floral wreath; the basket, too, has the touch of Trompe L l'eoil. Hydrangeas are blooming everywhere.

The Ubiquitous Coffee Pot By Marian Bestor

Coffee pots in all shapes and sizes with glazed fruit motifs. Three glazed fruit motifs; one inspired by Peter Hunt and one traditional Penn Dutch design; these coffee pots are decorated in simple steps from a beginner's point of view using basic shapes and painting techniques.

Rainy Daze Umbrella Stand By Vicki Rhodes CDA

Dazzling hollyhocks on a soft, delicately crackled background. Gold leaf banding and ball feet for a elegant finishing touch. Jo Sonja Product Manager, Vicki Rhodes CDA provides detailed crackling and gold leafing techniques.

Strawberry Preserves By Roxanne Puchalski MDA

How about this unique use for mason jars? Washes of color are used to create these delicate strawberries and blossoms. A delightful piece and Rocky's techniques are detailed and easy to follow.

Kitchen Goddess By Debbi Tivens

Delightful, whimsical peppermill. Every kitchen should have such a delightful Goddess. "She seems to cause quite a stir at dinner parties." From her high ruffled collar and imperial ruby and emerald colored dress to the tips of her white and black checkered base, it's easy to tell she's in full-command of her domain.