#27 - Winter 1996 - JA37

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Theme: Christmas, Angels

Articles include: Gold Leaf Technique, Angels.

Artists include: Helan Barrick MDA, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Pipka Ulvilden, Pat Wakefield MDA, Betty Jo Evans CDA, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Vicki Rhodes CDA, David Jansen MDA, Leslie Reading, Sharon Buononato CDA, Toi Warner. 

The Meaning of the Season By Helan Barrick MDA

As the holiday draw near our thoughts turn to family and friends, joy and excitement and above all, the beauty and meaning of the season! Once again we have been blessed to have Helan design a special piece for this Christmas issue.

Angelic Chorus By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

A host of musical angels surround the Madonna and child central motif. The technique on the Madonna is a softer religious painting look with just a hint of an icon-like style. The angels are a pure folk art interpretations softly portrayed so as not to detract from the center of the plate. Another of Jo Sonja's special Christmas plates.

May Your Heart Be Light By Betty Jo Evans CDA

Coming up with a different "angel" to match the theme took a bit of thought. But with a little help from an old friend and his playful nature, this snow angel appeared. Whimsical folk art fun for the holidays.

Angel of Roses By Pipka Ulvilden.

Pipka is known world wide for her angels and we are pleased that she designed this one for our magazine. Carrying a garland of ribbon and roses, this graceful angel seems ready to touch down and spread some beauty.

Season's Greetings By Pat Wakefield MDA

Softly blended holly leaves, berries and ribbon provide the focus for this Christmas offering. This box was made to display on a table and can hold Christmas cards, goodies or treasures special to you. You are creating a family heirloom when you complete a project such as this.