#25 - Summer 1996 - JA35

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Theme: Florals

Articles include: Legends of the Bee, Drawing Rosettes

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Maureen Mc Naughton CDA, Pam Foster, Debbie Tivens, Sayumi Oka CDA, Yoko Fukuyama, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Carol Chamness, Jan Elmore, Barbara Edney. 

Geraniums By Maureen McNaughton CDA

Traditional folk art strokework combine to present one of summer's favorite flowers on a tin coffee pot. Maureen's emphasis on good strokework instruction is evident in this piece.

Kleister Florals By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Kleister Medium is a thick acrylic medium that has been formulated to make your colors more transparent and still have texture. It is slower drying and has a longer "cure time". Do you remember finger paints? Well that is how Kleister works. Here Jo Sonja presents two separate floral compositions on metal trays for your enjoyment.

Strawberries and Daisies By Carol Chamness

This design is done on an antique "find", a tea tray found at a flea market. In this design Carol shows how to use a deerfoot brush and Q-tips to effectively present dramatic floral and fruit compositions.

A Distinct Impression By Vicki Rhodes CDA

Several wonderful techniques are presented in this article such as acrylic Port Oro marbling, brass verdi gris finish and soft stroke roses. All combine to make this mailbox an elegant and impressive addition for any entryway.

Faux Mabre By Karl Heinz Meschbach

Another installment in our popular faux finish series by "The Faux Meister" Karl Heinz Meschbach. In this article Karl covers Port Oro, Bravura and various fantasy finishes. Detailed step instruction and color suggestions are provided.