#24 - Spring 1996 - JA34

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Theme: Transportation

Articles include: Painted Wagons, Gypsy Caravan Painter, Canal Boat Painting, Working with Iridescents, Drawing Rythmic Lines.

Artists include: Cheri Anderson, Charlotte Carney, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Bobbie Takashima, David Jansen MDA, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Barbara La Perle, Mary Robinson CDA. 

Nordic Sunset By Cheri Anderson

This plate is painted inthe Telemark style of Rosemaling. The shape of the plate suggested a more masculine style and thus the idea of the Viking ship framed by the beautiful sunset in the background.

USA Eagle Express By Bobbie Takashima CDA

Thoughts of traveling on an overbooked airline flight inspired Bobbie to reach for the heights with this whimsical creation. Fasten your seatbelt, make sure your tray table is in the upright position and let it fly in this folk art fun fest.

Iridescent Touches By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Sponged on backgrounds or stroked on the highlights, iridescent colors make an exciting change for the decorative artist who wishes to incorporate a litle controlled elegance in their painting. Here Jo Sonja shares several ideas, one on a dark background and one on a light.

Butterworth's Clipper By Charlotte Carney

This piece was inspired by the painting "The Clipper Eagle" by the Dutch painter Edward Butterworth in 1851. His use of color and movement in the painting captivated and inspired Charlotte to do this decorative version.

Faux Mabre By Karl Heinz Meschbach

This elegant faux rendition of Makato limestone is detailed lesson by the "Faux Meister". Another installment in our continuing series of faux finishes by Karl Heinz Meschbach. This lesson includes detailed step instruction, color suggestions and