#22 - Fall 1995 - JA32

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Theme: Folk & Fairy Tales

Articles include: Story Painting, Drawing Toy Teddies, Choosing & Working with Wood Grain, The Toner is Brown.

Artists include: Vicki Rhodes CDA, Heidi England, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Susie Saunders, Michele Walton, Sherry Brandt, David Jansen MDA, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Patti DeRenzo, Faye Drobnic.

The Pretzel Man By Heidi England

It was the Viennese Pretzel Bakers who saved Vienna and the whole of Europe from the invading Turks in the early 16th Century. They were honored then by a coat of arms displaying a pretzel and are honored now by Heidi England's folk art. Enjoy her whimsical rendition of the tale.

The Legend of The Black Tulip By Michele Walton CDA

This Dutch legend explains the origins and mysteries surrounding the captivating black tulip. Michele brings us the story and then brings it to life on this beautiful piece.

The Music of The Garden By Susie Saunders

All gardeners eventually meet "genius loci", the friendly spirit of their home and gardens. He paints a magical palette of flowers as you plant, and designs harmonizing connections between the home and the garden. Cheerfully depicted on a selection of items perfect for the garden.

Thy Word By Patti DeRenzo CDA

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path".

In this article Patti shows acrylic blending techniques with Jo Sonja's Artist Colors to accomplish beautiful, realistic still life renditions.

Childhood Memories By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Inspired by Easter morning egg hunts from her childhood, Jo Sonja has chosen to bring these memories to life in a style reminiscent of Swiss Appenzell painting. The board is a special wood piece that has a chip carved border and carved handles.