#21 - Summer 1995 - JA31

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Theme: Birds

Articles include: Birds in Decorative Art, Dovecotes, About Faux Brushes, Color & the Aging Process, Dalmalning.

Artists include: Rosemary West CDA, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Nancy Baur, Janice Montreuil, Chris Moore, Ruth Matheson, Jo Ann Devor, Diane Bunker.

For The Birds By Cheryl Jansen

This article is a discussion of the styles, techniques and folklore surrounding birds in decorative art. Did you know that in Germany the cuckoo bird calls out the number of years a young maiden has left before she will marry? Read on.

Bird Box By Rosemary West CDA

A gift box decorated with pure folk art joy. Colorful roses, pears, grapes and leaves adorn the sides while a cheery blue bird sits on top.

The Red Bird By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

What fun these pieces are to do! The pieces are black canvas accessories, shown here are a brush holder, sketch book and photo album. Painted directly onto the soft black fabric with dry brush techniques, these pieces are both fun and easy.

Faux Mabre By Karl Heinz Meschbach

In this article Karl Heinz discusses techniques for doing Bravura and Fantasy Faux Marbles. Techniques may be as simple as one-step, blending of two or three colors, they may or not include veining. They may display a folk art quality but also a simple delightful sophistication.

Great Blue Heron By Nancy Baur

The decoy is an expecially graceful depcition of a standing Great Blue Heron. America's largest and most recognized heron, the range of this magnificent bird covers most of North America into Mexico.