#18 - Fall 1994 - JA28

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Theme: Harvest, Painted Targets

Artists include: Mary Jane Todd CDA, Betty Jo Evans CDA, Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Charlotte Owens, Judy Miner, Leslie Wolff Reading, Pat Wakefield MDA, Carol Sharpe, David Jansen MDA, Judy Morgan CDA and More

Joshua & Caleb Hare By Charlotte Owens

Inspired by the Biblical tale of Joshua and Caleb returning from the Promised Land, weighed down with the grapes of abundance and alive with hope and joy in living. This wood band box was artfully painted and glazed in the style and technique of Peter Ompir.

Indian Summer By Judy Morgan CDA

The newly turned colors of Fall are captured on this wooden plate. Grape leaves and vines combine with drybrushing and antiquing techniques in this beautiful accent piece.

Catching The Jumbucks By Carol Sharpe

It was an old European custom to paint a target for the shoot, usually organized for an important day. In keeping with the theme of this issue, Australian artist Carol Sharpe painted this target with a distinctly Australian theme.

Hallingdal Smorgasbord Plate By Judy Miner

The name Hallingdal comes from the valley in Norway where this style of painting was most popular. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries there were many painters in this valley and their work continues to inspire today in paintings such as this one. The center of the plate is decorated with a fantasy marble.

Pennsylvania Dutch By Joyce Victor CDA

Dutch, German and Swiss immigrants, who settled in Pennsylvania, brought with them an abundant source of folk decoration from their homelands. In a short time these designs took on the characteristics of what we now recognize as Pennsylvania Dutch. It continues to be a favorite theme for decoration today.