Telemark Tankard and Plate (2018)


Instructor:  Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM 
Class Fee:  $600
Class Fee Includes:  Wood Ale Tankard and plate, patterns, instructions, all paints and mediums used in class.
Class Dates:  August 13 - 17, 2018 

Please note - The plate IS NOT finished.  We will update this page with a new picture of the completed design as soon as we can. 

This study of Telemark style rosemaling was inspired by the paintings of Hallver Teigen (1818-1910). There are two pieces in the class. The beautiful “Tutekanne” Ale Tankard (or coffee pot) replica is another in the series that have been beautifully made by Larry Pickett.

Telemark plate is shown unfinished and new photographs will be sent out as soon as it is finished.

The Wooden ale tankard is a little over 10” tall, with a 7.5” diameter at the base.

The plate is 18” in diameter at the base.


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