Jo Sonja Eureka Seminars - 2023

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We're excited to announce the return of in person seminars at our studio in Eureka, CA.   We will be starting this year in April and continuing through Sept 2023.   We look forward to spending this time with our painting friends. 

Please Note:   All five day seminars follow this format:

Two days instruction, one day off, two days instruction.  During the day off the studio IS open and available to catch up or prepare for the next session.

Design & Color

April 3 - 7 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

Instructor: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM
Class Fee: $525.00
Class Fee Includes: All paints and mediums used during instruction.

We begin our return to in person seminars in 2023 with a Design and Color class. A unique experience during which we explore some of the many different aspects of creativity and the actual development of a design.   As we have always done in the past, the piece or pieces are not included in the class fee and each artist is welcome to bring a piece or two of your own choosing. There will be exercises and times of sharing and encouragement that, hopefully, will stimulate your creative “juices”.



Rogaland Tulips

Instructor: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Class Fee:  Class Fee:  $625
Class Fee Includes:  Wooden ambar, all patterns and instructions, paints and mediums used in class, streaming, online class

2023 Eureka Class Dates:

May 16 - 20 (Tuesday - Saturday) - Wait List Available

June 26 - 30 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

July 31 - Aug 4 (Monday - Friday) -Wait List Available

Aug 28 - Sept 1 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

The old style of Rogaland tulips and softer painting techniques are featured on this wonderful Ambar.

We’ll look at photographs of a number of old pieces for inspiration and enjoy personal interpretations as we decorate this lovely piece.



Floral Studies - Australian Chippendale Floral

Instructor: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Class Fee:  Class Fee:  $600
Class Fee Includes:  Alder Bombay desk box, all patterns and instructions, paints and mediums used in class, streaming online class.

2023 Eureka Class Dates:

April 10 - 14 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

May 23 - 27 (Tuesday - Saturday) - Wait List Available

June 19 - 23 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

July 24 - July 28 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

Aug 21 - Aug 25 (Monday - Friday) - Wait List Available

This seminar is a study of the techniques used to do the beautiful antique tray that we have had on display at our studio and discussed prior to Covid.  In Jo Sonja's interpretation the birds have a little more anatomically correct head shapes but still have the bird of paradise style tail.  The techniques that we will use are Chippendale style with a mother of pearl faux finish technique.  The bombay style desk box is made from solid alder and measures approximately 15" long x 13" wide and stands 4.5" tall.



Norwegian Tapestry Sewing Box- CRA

Instructor: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

CRA Seminar - This class is for the California Rosemaler Convention.  It will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka.  CRA will handle all signups for this class.  

CRA LinkCalifornia Rosemaling Association (

Class Fee Includes:  Wooden Sewing Box, all patterns and instructions, paints and mediums used in class.  Students also receive a streaming, online class for this piece.

2023 Eureka California Rosemalers Convention Dates

Sept 21 - Sept 24 (Thursday - Sunday)

Seminar Fee: $300.00

This contemporary interpretation of Hordaland, Hardanger styles was painted to be my personal sewing box. The original piece was purchased from the Husfliden in Bergen during a Vesterheim tour to Norway.

Every symbol and figure used is representative of things that I saw on that trip to Norway in some form of decorative art. The people are a wedding couple and their family and farm. Each unit is small so that you can easily adapt this idea to other pieces.

The saying around the box translates: Norwegian Life Tapestry “The threads of life pass through the hours of time, weaving a tapestry rich with memories.” Vesterheim Tour – 1993 Hordaland, Hardanger.

We were never able to teach this piece in the past as we couldn't get it reproduced.  The original piece hasn't been in our studio as it has spent all this time as Jo Sonja's personal sewing box at home. However, Larry Pickett has masterfully accomplished this including the carve-outs on the side.  


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