Boise Sampler (2018)

Instructor: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM
Class Fee: Session A - $350.00/Session B - $350.00, $100 deposit to reserve a class seat
Class Fee Includes: All painting surfaces, paints and mediums used during instruction.
Class Dates: September 5 - 7 and September 9 - 11, 2018


Each class in 2018 will feature a piece which is designed to allow us to spend time with more in depth technique studies. Each session is three days long and the pieces and descriptions are listed below.


Session A:

Rogaland Rosemaling Tilt-Top Table

This piece is a special heritage example from our teacher and friend, Gary Albrecht.  Painted in the Rogaland style, we will study Gary's technique and paint our designs after his with this wonderful tilt-top table from Pinecraft.  Please note, the image on display here is his original, which is in the possesion of the studio.  The class will be feature Jo Sonja's version of the piece. 

Please note:  The above image is of the Gary Albrecht original.  During class we will be working off of a Jo Sonja adaptation of his piece.


Session B:

Village of Pots

Jo Sonja will take us on a whimsical Journey with a "Village of Pots".  The design (images forthcoming) will be painted on an oblong, wooden 8-sided tray.  The scene will feature a collection of "pots-buildings" and will be surrounded by a cartouche of elves, fruit and mushrooms.

Please note:  The above image is the unpainted wood surface that "Village of Pots" will be painted on.  This page will be updated later when the design is completed. 


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