Hindeloopen - The Blue Dolphin


Instructor:  Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM
Class Dates:  2021 Eureka in person class canceled


In our wedding preparations we need to have a groom’s gift. The absolute perfect painting style to use with a more masculine theme would be Hindeloopen. This is a style still enjoyed by a number of artists in Hindeloopen today. We’ll take our inspiration from the works of anearlier artist, Gerardus Steven Huttinga, 1883 - 1963, andfrom his inspiration, I’ve developed this simplified, slightly softer look which is wonderfully fun to paint and very decorative.  The original design was painted on an oval box, however, for our class, we will be painting on the cut corner box shown here unpainted. The box is beautifully constructed out of alder and will have ball feet.