Chanticleer's Garden DVD Packet - JD120

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Soft blues and yellow predominate in this interpretation of a classic garden scheme that is so much fun to paint, because of the variety of motifs and techniques. Please delight in the painterly fruit, the soft stroke work borders, and the soft dry brushed strokes of Chanticleer.

Product includes DVD and 13 page packet, featuring 3 full color step sheets.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
All Purpose Sealer
Satin Varnish

Purple Madder
Red Earth
Norwegian Orange
Gold Oxide
Mustard Seed
Pacific Blue
Storm Blue
Unbleached Titanium*
Titanium White
*Soft White or Warm White may be substituted here.

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#6 filbert or ¼” oval glaze: Basic painting of rooster and fruits, brush sketching.
¼” Possibilities brush: Basing fruits.
#3 round: Stroke work and smaller details, smaller brush sketching.
#2 liner: Fine lines and small touches, wheat.
½” oval glaze and #4 oval dry brush: Dry brushing technique.
#2 striper or #2 liner: Stripes.