Choice Wash Deluxe Bundle - All 6 brushes

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You've asked for them and now they are here!   New large wash brushes with the same choice select fiber that we use in our Oval Wash and Possibilities brushes.  These large washes are available in 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes as well as short and long lengths.  Each individual has different preferences and we've given you the option to select the ones that work the best for you. 

Here at our studio we use the short versions for basecoating and the long versions for those beautiful, flowing varnish strokes.   You may find that you prefer one or the other or join us in liking both but the options are here for you.

Our choice select fibers are our best selling fibers.  They are the finest artist quality fibers with unrivaled durability, ease of cleaning and resiliency in keeping their shape.  The extra smooth flowing action, combined with the shape and size will make basecoating and varnishing a breeze, saving both time and energy.

We have bundle options for both short and long and a Deluxe bundle to add all six of them to your artistic toolbox.