Sure Touch Sableon Brushes

"Sableon"  is a line of brushes in a firmer touch synthetic blend which we call Sableon.   Discovered during our search for a suitable, synthetic replacement for red sable.  While different that what we were looking for we loved this mix as it is long lasting, easy to clean and has a firmer touch than our other synthetics. 

Just listen to the rave reviews from artists who have tried them. Sableons will move the paint longer and can be used to create more texture in your strokes and also with dry brushing techniques.

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3010 Sableon Round
Sale 30%
3015 Sableon Filbert Comb (Rake) - Bundle
Sale 29%
3020 Sableon Short Liner - Bundle
Sale 29%
3010 Sableon Round - Bundle
Sale 30%