Atelier Thick Painting Medium - 8.4 oz Bottle

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Atelier Thick Painting Medium has a very juicy paint-like viscosity useful for impasto, wet-in-wet techniques. It should be used when you want a more painterly style and want to blend easily. Use at least 1:1 paint:medium ratio to create a thick blanket of wet paint, because the purpose of the medium is to enhance Atelier Interactive’s ability to paint and blend wet-in-wet.

  • Thickest liquid medium on Chroma’s viscosity ladder scale.
  • Dries to a satin finish.
  • Enhances the ability to reactivate Atelier Interactive when used with Atelier Unlocking Formula.
  • Many artists find that they do not need to spray Unlocking Formula as much, especially when painting in humid conditions.
  • Available in 8.4 US fl oz (250ml) bottles.

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