Briar Rose Swedish Style Clock - JP3061

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Briar Rose is one of the fairy tales compiled by the brothers Grimm. The source of the story also had influences from Sleeping Beauty. Each of these three wonderful clocks tells the same story in a completely different style of painting. Easily adaptable to a large variety of surfaces but also spectacular pieces to adorn your home and celebrate the creativity of folk art.

From the central area of Sweden, the Province called Dalarna, comes the wonderful story telling painting of the Swedish folk artists. Their painted stories, mostly biblical, decorated the walls and ceilings of many homes. The furniture was usually done in a dark style, large areas of faux finish, to compliment the light style of the decoration on the walls. We can find some historical precedence for the painting of the light style on smaller items, however. I saw a couple of larger bride’s boxes at one museum in central Sweden.