American Country Tin Painting - JP3272

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This is a traditional study of country tin painting techniques from the Oliver Buckley Tinshop (1807-1855), Steven Plains, Maine as taught by Dorothy Hutchings in the early 1970's in Portland, Oregon.

Complete Supply List:

Painting Medium of Choice
Kleister Medium

Red Earth
Indian Red Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Antique Brass
Olive Green
Teal Green
Raw Umber
Warm White
Carbon Black (optional)
Salmon mix (Red Earth + Warm White + Yellow Oxide)
Green mix (Olive Green + Teal Green + Yellow Oxide)

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round - Basic painting
#6 filbert - floated color
#2 liner - fine details
#1-2 striper - stripes