#20 - Spring 1995 - JA30

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Theme: Color

Articles include: Erasing the Lines- Repetitious Borders, Perfect Pigments, The Cat Color Mill, Fabulous Color.

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, Karl Heinz Meschbach, Vicki Rhodes CDA, David Jansen MDA, Carol Chamness, Judith Miner, Christine Hobel, Diane Bunker, Laure Paillex, Carol Ann Mueller. 

Heart Plate By Carol Chamness

Vibrant Roses and grapes ane bittersweet berries are the focal point for this stylish heart plate. Surrounding the inset is a wreath of leaves and roses. Think purple!

Freedom of Expression By Karl Heinz Meschbach

This issue marks the beginning of a 14 part series by "Faux Meister" Karl Heinz Meschbach. In this issue we chroncile his story as well as presenting his introduction to faux finish techniques. Each issue, through issue #33, includes a new faux technique.

Flights of Fancy By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

Playing with these beautiful colors just tempts one to think of fanciful things. Sponging, drybrushing, cats, birds, rainbows, plaids, stripes, checks and fabulous bursts of color in these whimsical pieces.

Fun in The Afternoon By Diane Bunker

Diane designed this piece with her family in mind. Sponging, glazes and Saran Wrap are used to pounce on the game board while the teddies and scenery provide the detail that Diane's paintings are known for.

Victorian Cottage By Christine Hobel

Australian artist Christine Hobel presents her interpretation of the idyllic, rustic cottage. The techniques used are easy to master and rely on texture, dry brushing and stippling to build up layers of contrast.