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Painted Tin & More - JP156
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Painted Tin & More - JP156

Price: $12.95

There is fun to be had with painting on metal items!
The variety of shapes and the availability of items has to spark your interest. But maybe you’ve been a little hesitant to try this seemingly mysterious surface.

You’ll be inspired by “Attar of Roses”, “Spiced Pears”, “White Rabbit’s Teapots”, “Country Orchard Apples”, “Prosperity Pig” and much more. Fun & casual, sophisticated & elegant, traditional, contemporary, whimsical, new techniques & colors, all can be found in the offerings presented in this new book.

Each lesson plan is accompanied by full color step-by-step worksheets to assist you. If the metal items seem a little too “worrisome” to you, all these ideas will adapt easily to wooden objects.

All of these and much more are included in this book!