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Jo Sonja - A Life in Folk Art - P208
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Jo Sonja - A Life in Folk Art - P208

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We're honored and proud that the National Museum of Decorative Painting has chosen to do a retrospective of Jo Sonja's painting career during the year 2012. We've been working with them to bring this exhibit to fruition. For us, this honor is so special and wonderful that we just have to tell everyone about it right now! "Jo Sonja - A Life in Folk Art" is a new book that has been designed and published by the Museum of Decorative Painting as the catalog to accompany the exhibit that will be in Atlanta at the Museum this next year. For our customers we have arranged to have the "official" museum edition of the book and it is available from us (and the museum) several months before the general release.

For more detailed information about the book, please feel free to download and peruse the digital version of our special catalog featuring Jo Sonja - a life in folk art.

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