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Razzle Dazzle Brush Strokes - JP31483010 Sableon Round

3005 Sableon Filbert
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3005 Sableon Filbert

Price: Price Varies

Size 2 - Retail (MSRP) Price:  $8.65
Size 4 - Retail (MSRP) Price:  $9.40
Size 6 - Retail (MSRP) Price:  $10.50
Size 8 - Retail (MSRP) Price:  $11.30

This is our new line of basic brushes in a firmer touch synthetic which we call Sableon. Just listen to the rave reviews from artists who have tried them. Oh yes, we still have the wonderful Taklon line which has a softer touch. The Sableons will move the paint longer and can be used to create more texture in your strokes.