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NSTDP Tenth Anniversary Edition Book and Packet - P203
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NSTDP Tenth Anniversary Edition Book and Packet - P203

Price: $22.95

Attention: There is a misprint in the most recent product catalog (fall 2008). The correct product code for this item is P203.

Jo Sonja’s triptych, “The Adoration of Little Angels” was painted in 1981 as a donation to the Society of Decorative Painters (then the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters). Published in 1982 by the Society in their 10th Anniversary book we didn’t even have any photos of the piece until now. Many years ago, we were able to acquire all of the remaining copies of this collectible publication and safely stored them away until we could get new photos of the piece and update the instructions for a new packet. Now, while supplies last, you can purchase an autographed, mint condition copy of this book and get a copy of our updated, new packet with full page photos with color clarity that was not possible back in 1982. What a great Christmas gift for a painting friend!

This book features projects by artists such as Jo Sonja, Helan Barrick, Mary Jo Leisure, Ann Kinglslan, Sherry Nelson, Sue Scheewe, Bette Byrd and many others - take a wonderful trip down memory lane!

Please note - Every book purchase will include the packet. The packet may also purchased seperately for $10.95. You can find the packet only by clicking here .