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#38 - Fall 1999 - JA48
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#38 - Fall 1999 - JA48

Price: $6.95

Theme: Fall's Harvest

Articles include: Introduction to color theory by Londi Rowley CDA Gathering, selecting and designing on gourds.

Artists include: Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM, Vicki Rhodes CDA, Carol Chamness, Norma Harrington, Carolyn L. Phillips, Carol Sharpe, Onya Tolmasoff, Tirzah Probasco, Martha Prothro, Elinor Tenney, Susan M. Ebel
Harvest Fruits By Jo Sonja Jansen MDA, VGM

One of the most beautiful things about Fall is the color. Fruit painting not only gives us an opportunity to use these color but also the challenge of expressing some different techniques as you try to emulate some of the textures of their surfaces.

Turkey Shoot By Carol Chamness

Painted on a bentwood German bride's box, this project recaptures the charm of Peter Ompir's style of painting. The box top features a busy little man off on his way to the hunt. Rich, glazed fruits surround the sides.

Walnut Ridge By Norma Harrington

As barns and farms give way to subdivisions, malls and supermarkets, our nearby family farm markets are a treasured source of great fresh produce. Norma's painting reflects all the farm markets across America as a meeting place, a family place, and a place for the best fresh vegetables money can buy.

A Fairy Went A Marketing By Carol Sharpe

Australian artist Carol Sharpe has developed this wonderfully free style of painting. With slip-slaps and slashes of bright vivid colors she recreates fond memories of hot summer nights in Australia, and fairy parties on the back lawn for her grand daughter.

Red Bird By Martha Prothro

Glazing techniques and Fall colors seem to go hand in hand. In the spirit of Peter Ompir, this antique silver plate tray has been stylishly transformed into a treasured collectible. Learn the techniques that have made this style so appealing and able to stand the test of time.