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In these decorative paintings of natural scenes, very interesting techniques are combined with just a touch of iridescent color. Precedence for this type of painting can be found, especially from the Victorian period. Their love of color and hunting and fishing themes made birds, animals, and fish popular decorative motifs.

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Large Mouth Bass - JP1091

Purely an artistic rendering of a superb game fish. Fiercely territorial, they will courageously attack any intruder. Jo Sonja presents the spirit and beauty of this fighter in an early morning combat with a fisherman on a 17” tray.
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Pheasants - JP1092

A stylized rendering of pheasants at morning feeding time. Their attention has been alerted and the cock pauses to look back, the hen, pulling in her neck, begins to crouch down in a protective posture. Painted on a 21” tray.
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Teal Green Winged - JP1093

Green-winged Teal are puddle ducks. They love marshy areas around lakes and near the ocean. This is a very painterly representation of this little duck, so have fun and enjoy some unusual brush techniques. The original is done on a 21” tray.
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Golden Scrolls - JP1101

A small chest with red tulips, hearts and golden scrollwork surround a soft coastal landscape. The scrolls provide such beautiful, symmetrical movement in this piece.
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Gone Fishing - JP1018

This strikingly beautiful fish box softly shimmers from the use of Pearl White and a special glazing technique. Clever, stylized fishing lures decorate the edge of this masculine project; a perfect gift, especially for an avid fisherman.
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Favorite Pastimes Fishing - JP3074

Here is a special project in beautiful toned colors. A gift that would be wonderful to paint for the gentleman in your life, be he husband, son, grandson, or special friend.
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Tingel's Pond - JP3091

A combination of designs sets a whimsical, yet slightly elegant, mood for this underwater scene of life in a small pond. Try arranging the fish, snails, crawdad, etc. to your own taste and finish with multicolored ripples of water and dabby bubbles. The
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Autumn Fruit - JP3122

Building on the fruit DVD we have a splendid display of shapes and colors await your brush as we go harvesting the abundant fruits of the autumn season. This packet is filled with seven color pages and designs for two separate pieces.
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