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Swedish Styles

Swedish Styles

The Dala Painting tradition comes to us from the central province of Sweden, Dalarna. It is especially the feeling of the wall painting style that Jo Sonja has captured here in these designs in cheery combinations of soft yellows, blues and reds.

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Swedish Pul - JP1075

Swedish "Dala Painting", or "Dalmaling" in a warm, sunny palette of peach and soft yellow. The central design features Swedish Dala and florals; a Swedish peasant couple decorates either end.
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Swedish Butter Paddles - JP1085

Another version of Swedish Dalmaling, which comes to us from the central province of Sweden, Dalarna. A simple palette and stylized gourd tree designs combine to decorate butter paddles, but these designs would easily adapt to smaller objects.
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Memories of Rattvik - JP1105

Folk art in the Swedish tradition is captured in this round sending basket. The decorative spirit of Swedish Dala painting is captured in a cheery combination of soft yellows, blues and reds.
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Swedish Pancakes - JP1189

Crowned with a chef's hat that proclaims his profession, our Swedish cook is making kitchen artistry in the form of golden pancakes, a Swedish favorite. We're sure you'll flip over this bit of Jo Sonja whimsy, too.
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Swedish Candlebox - JP3288

The unique and beautiful Swedish gourd tree from Darlana decorates the top of this simple rectangular box. The fingerprint border and dark faux finish combine to remind us that creative techniques can be fun and decorative.
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